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CAW2003 Gallery
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last day in Yalta after the camp
Discovering queen Katherine II hidden Taractash path to Ai-Petri Yaila after the camp all who hasn't leave home felt had been all together. So we decided to escape from tourist city to mountains. We did daylight hike from Yalta to Ai-Petri mountain where as a reward we had a dinner in tatar restaurant sitting on our knees in traditional tatar way discovering real tatar food with wine at 1156 m. above sea level. By the way we've gathered some mushrooms for our late dinner in Yalta. Yana cooked best firewall dinner that night.
first weekend - Almost sunny
Vorontsovskiy Castle
most of us felt too relaxed to be a part of real excursion. After short sight seeing we've escaped to rocky sea beach just down the castle. Courageous Jana jumped from 10 meters rock down to the small lagoon, engaging dressed ukrainian man to follow her.
Port Yalta
The place to get a fairy to any place of Crimean peninsula. We've spend some time in the port square where was held huge open air concert of ukrainian and russian rock music and fireworks festival.
Vorontsovskiy castle and m. Ai-Petri 
The best place to spend half of your day in Alupka is Voronsovskiy Garden with tricky paths and mirror lakes, with rocky 'Chaos' garden. And it's the best place to buy perfect Crimean herbal tea just behind the Chaos. There're also 5 times per day degustation of real 'Massandra' wine we used to drink in Crimea.
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