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CAW2004 Gallery
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It might rain!
That summer was something wrong with the weather. It has rained everyday which was not typical to Crimean summer. But rains had made our group much more stronger - the real bunch. Mr. Enrique - our savior once has spent 2 hours outside in the rain covering can of soup and campfire from the rain. At Suat valley when we drank tea in the rain the amount of water in the teapot remained the same all the time after some rounds, so we didn't need to go for a water.
Sometimes we've tried to escape from playing games but we were caught again and again...
At Bahchisaray we where invited to be a part of crimean minorities youth meeting and after serious talks about human rights and learning traditional tatar dance it has turned that we want to play some games all together.
Try to find eleven of us!
Mr.Enrique X-Files

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