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CAW2003 Gallery
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First morning of the camp
Leaders are excited and waiting for volunteers
We've spent night at the volleyball place in tents after late night dinner at the beach and observing strange self lighting sea creatures. We even took a night swim despite being quite tired after whole day in the bus.
Good morning CAW TEAM
After late night welcome dinner some of us went to sleep at the beach counting falling stars. In the morning a pale of aliens awaked all of us at the beach with funny warming-up games.
First day of kids occupation
All kids in the camp seemed to be very happy of our international group playing with them. That was great contact between us, 'cause already in the second part of the first day kids started to organise us playing :)
Body contacting game with a plate.
It was me who fault it down! I'm Sorry:)
Morning at the beach 
Hurrying night ride to Nikolaev
Only good team work and being neat all the time helped us to catch our 5 min. stop train to Simpferopol with our 450 kg. luggage, supplies and equipment jumping over the bridges and running along the whole train. That was amazing and after very funny:) We slept all the night coming to Crimean Adventures.

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