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CAW - Crimean Adventure Workcamp

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 Creative report
Realization of Crimean Adventure Workcamp


Ukraine is a big European country, which combine a lot of different picturesque landscapes such as Crimean and Carpathian mountains, seashore of the Black sea etc. Nevertheless the ecological situation of our country is not so optimistic. To say more not only plants, factories & transport pollute the environment but also a human factor is a real threat for the ecology of Ukraine as people leave in the mountains plastic bottles, glass and batteries (which is the most dangerous for nature). This year the voluntary workcamp in Crimean Mountains has been realized for the third time. The aim of this camp is:

  1. to appeal to locals attention to the problem of garbage in the mountains;
  2. to improve the behavior of Ukrainian tourists by our own example;
  3. to make our input in cleaning the Crimean mountains.

During the camp we planed to execute the next tasks:

  1. to clean the Angarsky pass;
  2. to clean the School glade;
  3. to clean Kutuzovsky lakes;
  4. to clean nearby the Malinoviy brook;
  5. to clean at Su-At;
  6. to clean at Dimerdjy station;
  7. to clean the Glade MAN.

Fulfilling all these tasks volunteers tried to reveal the aim & motivations of our camp to other tourists we met in the mountains.

During eight work days all seven tasks have been done: volunteers gathered the garbage at Angarsky pass, Kutuzovsky lakes, Malinoviy brook, Su-At & Dimerdjy & then carried it to the nearest garbage-cans. To say more we exported two garbage cars from School & Man glade.

From 1.08 till 15.08 twelve volunteers from Latvia, Czech, Japan, Serbia, Germany, Holland & Ukraine participated in the project.

Reliability Figure of evaluation of the project is that this year we managed to arrange relationships with authorities who are responsible for the Crimean forest. They proposed us add from their side: gave us a car for caring garbage, arranged us a meeting with a journalist of Crimean magazine which contribute spread the aim & idea of our camp.


Except work volunteers also had their free time which they spent in a very interesting & active way. From the very beginning one can’t predict the development of relationships in the group. As for our group after two first days it was possible to see that volunteers communicated very well & the hope that the camp would succeed changed to confidence.

Different acquaintance games, acclimatization hike & excursions in caves gave an opportunity for volunteers to know more about each other & unified the group. Everybody liked picturesque landscapes of Crimean Mountains. Free time at Su-At was spent by someone just sitting & amazing beautiful views & a part of volunteers even preferred to do yoga. Trying to keep a tradition of CAW we climbed the mountain at night, walked a bit along the nightly forest & at last admired stars at the top of the mountain. At Dimerdjy paying no attention to that fact that we were tired everybody woke up at 4.30a.m. just to see a sunrise. I must say that the group unified very well during the hiking & even days off volunteers spent together. We visited Bahchisaray, Uspensky monastery & Mangoop Kale (cave city). The next day volunteers visited Yalta & in the evening joined the party of French movie in Alushta. The group also visited Chersoneses according to desire of majority.

The intercultural evening was very useful & interesting as we knew a lot about specification of different cultures.

The most pleasant is that not only leaders tried to entertain the group on a free time but also volunteers proposed their games. E.g. Dutch run the improvisational theatre for the group.

After finishing the camp some people decided to climb the mountain for the last time, some people went to the seashore. But it was clear that no one stayed indifferent to those 15 days spending together in Crimean Mountains.

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